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Our Story

Raising Farm Responsibly Since 2010

We have the desire to save the agricultural products of the Vietnamese homeland, so that farmers can have more income to cover their difficult lives.

Not only that, thanks to nature's gift of a hot and humid tropical climate, a lot of rain, and fertile soil for the highlands, it is very suitable to create the best coffee in the world.

We want to bring delicious coffee of the Central Highlands not only throughout Vietnam but also to the whole world.
In addition, the Central

Highlands region also has very famous cashew and pepper, so I want to serve international customers with more product categories, so we have expanded our product portfolio.


Our Vision

Vietnam is an agricultural country, with a temperate tropical climate, a suitable geographical position for sea ports, we want to take advantage of the country's strengths to bring clean agricultural products at good prices. outside the world.
With a large agricultural area and most people working in agriculture, we want to create more value and jobs for farmers.
By exporting to the world in large quantities, we can do many farms with high standards, without using a lot of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, to minimize the harm to the environment and our living environment

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